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Bargellini Elisa

Elisa Bargellini is Head of Neuromodulation Therapy at our Neuroscience Point at Villa Baruzziana in Bologna, Italy.                                                                                                                                  

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Biographical and professional notes

Elisa Bargellini graduated with a master's degree in Clinical and Health Psychology and Neuropsychology, with a curriculum in Clinical and Health Psychology, at the University of Florence, with highest honors. She then attended a postgraduate training period at Dr. Stefano Pallanti's Istituto di Neuroscienze.

She has had previous experience at several institutions ― both public and private ― dealing with mental health, including the Servizio Accoglienza alla Vita ONLUS, the Italian Public Health Service (Ser.D Servizio Dipendenze Patologiche AUSL) and the Private Psychiatric Hospital Villa Baruzziana.

In addition, Elisa Bargellini carried out research experience at the Virtual Human Dynamics Laboratory, working alongside the research team in the "Inspires" European project and conducting research aimed at assessing mental health in PhD students, in collaboration with the Pasteur Institute in Tunis.

For her Master's thesis project, she independently conducted research within the Intensive Care Unit of Careggi Hospital with the title "Open Intensive Care Unit: a qualitative study on the importance of family and friend network involvement in the care process."

She continues her training in the Mental Health field to deliver optimal and consistent support to patients through the different stages of assessment, diagnosis and implementation of treatment, with a special interest in Clinical Psychology and psychiatric disorders.

Elisa Bargellini's Curriculum Vitae