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Speech Therapist

Clemente Daniela

Daniela Clemente is specialized in Speech Therapy and the treatment of Specific Learning Disorders.                                                                                                                                  

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Quick biographical notes

University Degree of Speech Therapist obtained in Florence in 1997 with the highest honors.

In 2011/2012, reconversion of the qualification into a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Therapy, with a thesis on "Logopedic Approach to the MtF transgender patient", confirming the highest honors grade.

Bachelor's degree in Psychological Science and Techniques in 2017/2018.

Master's degree in Assessment and Treatment of Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

One-year master's degree in Assessment and Diagnosis of Learning Disorders.

Bobath EBTA training course for specialization in the treatment of communication and swallowing disorders in infantile cerebral palsy and related neurological conditions in childhood.

Training at the Brazelton Center: "Behavioral assessment of the infant and promotion of his development" and the course " Neurodevelopmental semeiotics and habilitative intervention in the first year of life."

Professional training course for Rehabilitation Operator specializing in augmentative alternative communication.


Certified clinician for the reeducation of vocal disorders in Parkinson's Disease LSVT LOUD®.

Scientific research activity on feminization of voice in transgender women.

Member of Tuscany Region accredited team for the certification of Specific Learning Disorders since 2014.

Consultant Speech Therapist for the Italian Parkinsonian Association ONLUS – Florence Branch since 1997.

Clinical activity

  • Language disorders and delays;

  • Severe and complex intellectual disability;

  • Specific learning disorders;

  • Autism spectrum disorders;

  • Re-education of vocal and swallowing disorders in Parkinson's Disease;

  • Voice feminization for transgender women.