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Neuromodulation Therapies

Pulsating Electrostatic Field (PESF)

The application of PESF represents a non-invasive pulsed electrostatic stimulation treatment that can accelerate basal metabolism without the use of medications, proving particularly effective for those experiencing weight-related issues.

What is PESF?

Pulsating Electrostatic Field (PESF) represents a non-invasive treatment of pulsed electrostatic stimulation that can accelerate basal metabolic rate without the use of medications.

What are the effects of PESF?

  • Increases oxygen exchange at the peripheral circulation level;

  • Improves perfusion in the microcirculation;

  • Determines anti-aggregating action of red blood cells;

  • Significantly increases basal metabolism;

  • Improves response to a dietary program.

PESF treatment characteristics

Who is PESF indicated for?

The application of PESF is indicated for:

  • Subjects with resistant obesity;

  • Those who respond with difficulty to dietary treatment;

  • Those who experience side effects such as body weight gain and metabolic alterations in the course of pharmacological treatment.

PESF treatment duration.

The treatment involves 15 applications, to be made 2-3 times a week. The applications last 30 to 40 minutes each.

The application of the PESF system should be combined with a controlled dietary regimen.

Who cannot receive the treatment?

The treatment cannot be performed:

  • On pregnant women;

  • In children;

  • In pace-maker wearers;

  • In the presence of chronic diseases and, in any case, without a doctor's approval.