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Dr. Stefano Pallanti is a founding member of the italian Academy of Natural Therapy in Psychiatry and Neurology and promotes in an innovative way the use of natural remedies in psychiatry to offer alternative but scientifically proven treatments for the management of Depression, Insomnia and Anxiety.

Natural Therapies

Yes to Natural therapies, but only if scientifically proven.

Dr. Stefano Pallanti, founding member of the italian Academy of Natural Therapy in Psychiatry and Neurology, promotes Natural Therapies in psychiatry.

Natural cures have become increasingly popular. Phytotherapy, therapy with nutraceuticals, probiotics and any other alternative to drugs find increasing sympathy with the public, but only some of these remedies have been scientifically proven.

Only a thorough knowledge of the mechanisms of action of these preparations allows a precise, effective and, above all, safe use.

It is possible to combine the effects of Natural Therapies by adding them to those of Neuromodulation Therapies. Magnetic energy (TMS), transcranial modulation with infrared light (Photo-Bio-Modulation), coupled with the antioxidant effects of phytotherapy and the anti-inflammatory effects of the targeted probiotic represent, in some cases, a natural alternative to the traditional psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments.

We at the Institute of Neuroscience, moreover, utilize neutraceutics and phytotherapeutics in Neuromodulation therapies to obtain the most favorable stimulation parameters for each individual case. For instance, we investigate the intensity threshold of the specific protocol and the duration of each individual session, according to the characteristics of each individual, so as to allow the lowest intensity to achieve the most suitable therapeutic effect.