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Biography and useful informations

Stefano Pallanti

Dr. Stefano Pallanti is a "Physician-Neuroscientist" applying cutting-edge neuroscientific discoveries to clinical work and is considered a world expert in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

He is Professor of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine (New York, USA) and Imperial College (London, UK). He is the Medical and Scientific Director of the Istituto di Neuroscienze (Florence, Italy).

Dr. Pallanti is a physician with specialization in Psychiatry and holds a PhD in Neurophysiopathology, and throughout his professional career he has focused his work on both clinical and research activities.

Clinical research, for him, represents the main way to improve patient outcomes and to personalize treatments. He then uses the results to obtain new ideas for clinical research, to facilitate continuing education and empowerment.

As a neuroscientist, Dr. Pallanti currently conducts 12 research projects, including the National Institute of Mental Health R21 Grant, "Modulating Inhibitory Control Networks in Gambling Disorder with Theta Burst Stimulation" as a co-PI. He has previously been a PI and co-PI of multicenter international studies, producing peer-reviewed publications from each project.

As a clinician, Dr. Pallanti provides direct clinical care for over 7000 patients per year at his private Day Hospital at "Centro di Neurologia, Psichiatria e Psicologia Clinica Srl".

Dr. Stefano Pallanti

Dr. Pallanti's Curriculum Vitae

All of the work that Dr. Stefano Pallanti pursues originates from a sincere passion to offer the best therapeutic option for each person’s recovery and from Dr. Pallanti’s everlasting aspiration to disentangle complex and difficult cases.


Dr. Pallanti is a Clinician-Neuroscientist” who combines the European tradition of phenomenology (the meanings "phenomena" have in our subjective experience) with the "evidence-based" approach of the US scientific medical community.

He is an artisan doctor in the era of technology whose method is translational in both senses: on one hand he translates clinical symptoms into their functional meaning, on the other hand, Dr. Pallanti reconstructs, from the history of each patient, the relationship between the patient and their family’s clinical history and vulnerability to diseases. Dr. Pallanti acquires experiences from the clinical conditions of the patients and applies them in other clinical cases.

Dr. Pallanti uses multidisciplinary evaluations and multi-level instruments to establish a neuroscientific, functional diagnosis based on RDoC (Research Domain Criteria); that means he investigates and identifies the misfunctioning circuit of the person as a whole, beyond behavioural disorders.

Dr. Pallanti aims to bring the state-of-the-art scientific findings directly to a person who otherwise struggles with incomplete diagnoses and obsolete guideline treatments:

It takes hospitals and clinics about 17 years to adopt a practice or treatment after the first systematic evidence demonstrates it helps patients.

Harvard Business Review

His treatment plan remains multidisciplinary and multimodal, using every resource that has been documented as scientifically effective: Neuromodulation therapy (TMS, tDCS, PBM, VNS, Light Therapy), Pharmacological therapy, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness, Pharma-standard supplements, and Natural supplements.

These evaluations will provide patients, families, and their treating medical doctors with a scientific, evidence-based, comprehensive diagnosis for the best, possible treatment options.

Dr. Pallanti can suggest the most suitable, cutting-edge treatment options, scientifically validated for each person at his or her particular moment of life, based on precision psychiatry.

A Philanthropist and Humanitarian, Dr. Pallanti concerns himself with the maintenance of each person’s dignity, beyond seeking remedies for disorders.

What I value most

My first priority requires that I listen to what the patient says and how the patient tells his or her story, from which I'm able to translate the discourse to unveil the dynamics of distress in relation to the patient’s biography and brain functioning, as evidenced by objective evaluations.

I learn from every patient about unique connections between psychiatric symptoms and their medical and genetic conditions that help to advance my knowledge in basic medical science.

My method integrates and coordinates the patient’s subjective history with research on the brain circuits underlying the reported disease, upon which depends and acts every medical, pharmacological and non-pharmacological intervention, selected and tailored to the individual person.

I cherish ethical principles first, and I commit to care for each person as a whole, respecting his or her dignity in each phase of life.

Dr. Stefano Pallanti

As a clinician, I aim to provide precise, functional diagnoses beyond behavioral conditions. I attempt to ensure the best possible treatment option to each person by using a multi-disciplinary and multimodal approach that combines the European tradition of phenomenology with the “evidence-based” approach of the US scientific medical community.

My Applied Precision Medicine approach provides comprehensive, scientific assessment, comprising subjective and objective symptomatology, establishing diagnoses, eventual differential diagnosis, subcategory all while considering other medical conditions, in order to build the personalized target for any treatment.

Dr. Stefano Pallanti

The Mission

Dr. Pallanti’s mission is to offer precise diagnosis that extends beyond a simple description of behavior, filling the gap between psychiatry and other medical disciplines.

He wishes to offer the latest neuroscientific, personalized care by overcoming the obsolete, standardized guideline treatments, thus maximizing the potential for healing and recovery of each person taken into his care.

Why seek out Dr. Pallanti?

Dr. Stefano Pallanti

Remote visits via Skype

Dr. Stefano Pallanti is a pioneer in telemedicine, recognizing the potential of this remote visiting modality since 2008. Since then, more than 1,500 patients from all over Italy and Abroad have been making remote visits via Skype with Dr. Pallanti, to benefit from his experience regardless of their geographical location!
Choose specialized visits via Skype with Dr. Pallanti and start your healing journey, wherever you are!