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- 03 July 2023

Mind4Children Research Group

Dr. Pallanti is a member of the "Mind4children" research group dedicated to the exploration of the origin of consciousness and the study of neurodevelopment in the early years of life.

The Istituto di Neuroscienze is pleased to announce that Dr. Stefano Pallanti ― as an expert neuroscientist on child psychology and neurodevelopmental processes ― is a member of the Mind4Children research group. This multidisciplinary group is affiliated with the Developmental and Socialization Psychology Department at the University of Padua and is dedicated to the exploration of the origin of consciousness and the study of neurodevelopment in the early years of life.

The mission of the research group

The problem of the origin of consciousness has been for several decades a frontier issue that requires a multidisciplinary approach. Everywhere in the world, neuroscientists, developmental psychologists and biologists, embryologists, geneticists, molecular biologists and evolutionary biologists, neurophysiologists and neuropsychiatrists, mathematicians and quantum physicists, collaborate to this fascinating quest.

The Mind4children research group was established with the aim of bringing together different perspectives and disciplines to define a research path on the nature of consciousness that is scientifically grounded within the field of developmental psychology. Defining consciousness, considering the possibility of different levels of consciousness, differentiating it from self-awareness, bringing these concepts back into a perspective of neurophysiological evolution from birth to adulthood, are open problems that have recently attracted scientists from different disciplines: from neuroscience to developmental biology, from genetics to epigenetics, from developmental psychology to philosophy and even physics.

The ongoing research conducted in recent years has underscored the existence of a multitude of new territories to be explored to deepen our understanding of the "mystery" of consciousness and, in particular, of its progressive construction in the child. In this direction, the growing awareness of the importance of the first 1,000 days of life prompts researchers to focus on this pivotal period of development for a better definition of the environmental factors that may favor or, on the contrary, disturb the early development of neural networks.

Per rispondere a queste necessità, è stato istituito il gruppo di ricerca interdisciplinare Mind4Children, che riunisce al suo interno una moltitudine di esperti nazionali e internazionali nei più svariati campi della biologia dello sviluppo, dell'embriologia umana e comparata, dell'epigenetica dello sviluppo neurologico, della psicologia dello sviluppo, delle neuroscienze e della fisica applicata allo studio della coscienza.

To address these needs, the Mind4Children interdisciplinary research group was established, bringing together a multitude of national and international experts in a wide variety of fields of development biology, human and comparative embryology, epigenetics of neurodevelopment, developmental psychology, neuroscience and, finally, physics applied to the study of consciousness.

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The mission of the research group

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