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- 14 May 2024

European Research for Action Against Internet Addiction in the Post Covid-19 Era

More than 5 million euro for the next 5 years: The EU will finance 22 university centers in 14 European countries, the most important research centers in the field of prevention of psychopathology. Among these, the Institute of Neuroscience, the only institution from Italy.

LET US UNITE! Join this initiative: Let us invent something to do together!

In Italy, especially after the COVID-19 Pandemicproblematic use of the Internet has grown dramatically, with evident effects on young people's brains and social lives. It is often associated with other problems concerning attention, stability of emotions, consumption of ultra-processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, or worse.

Young people need a new culture, as Pope Francis reminded us by inviting them to take "life in their hands" even when others "are all on their own with their cell phones, attached to social media and video games."

Taking life in our hands means fighting the passivity implicit in the compulsive Internet, which is associated with sedentarism.


  1. Measured and active use of electronic devices (do not limit when the use is regulated and proactive); Let us free up our time and brains!

  2. Increase physical activity of all kinds and reduce consumption of caffeinated and sugary beverages, which interfere with the brain's inhibitory control functions by promoting the problematic behaviors covered by this statement.

  3. Let us unite and invent something!  Interaction between people reduces the "Emotional Dissociation" phenomenon and all the misunderstandings and aggressions that undermine "messaging" communication. Emotions are those you feel when you meet; you do not see them on the screen!

A new culture is needed that promotes communication between people without being overwhelmed by the passive and spasmodic use of social networks. People are not just digital algorithms like Google! 

Institutions should invest so that they immediately reduce the costs of Learning Disability, Attention Disorders, and Eating Disorders. They can prevent many diseases, such as diabetes and dementia, that weigh enormously on the Health System: 

So, let's get together and come up with something to do together. We will tell you how to succeed if you don't know how.

🖋️ If you agree, endorse this short manifesto: CLICK HERE

Professor Naomi A. Fineberg ― Professor José M. Menchón ― Professor Stefano Pallanti

The BootStRaP project (Boosting Societal Adaptation and Mental Health in a Rapidly Digitalizing Post-Pandemic Europe) is an European research for Action Against Internet Addiction

Led by Professor Naomi A. Fineberg (UK), Professor Jose M. Menchon (Spain) and Professor Stefano Pallanti (Italy), this innovative initiative aims to combat problematic internet use among young people across 14 countries. Through smart technology and direct youth involvement in app creation, we're tackling this pressing issue head-on.

Key messages include the project's focus on mental health, global collaboration, and actionable policy recommendations. We invite you to take a look at our press release and consider sharing this vital information, as we endeavour to raise awareness and foster positive change in rapidly digitalizing society.

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