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Istituto di Neuroscienze

Diagnosis and Treatment at the Istituto di Neuroscienze

For more than 30 years, we have been offering precision diagnostic procedures and cutting-edge, specialized treatment pathways tailored to each person's specific needs.

Discover the procedure adopted by our specialists to provide continuous care for each person: from the first contact with our services to the end of treatment and constant monitoring of therapeutic results!

Advanced, evidence-based therapeutic programs since 1989

With more than 30 years dedicated to the field, Dr. Stefano Pallanti's Istituto di Neuroscienze is a private facility dedicated to the treatment of behavioral disorders, specializing in Neuromodulation Therapies ― including TMS, tDCS, Photo-Bio-Modulation, Light therapy ― and constantly engaged in scientific research.

Our commitment to offer advanced, evidence-based therapeutic programs is our distinguishing trademark. Since January 1989 ― the year the Neuroscience Institute opened ― Dr. Stefano Pallanti has been using data from the most innovative scientific research to develop and offer cutting-edge treatments. We know that what is documented by scientific findings (e.g., the efficacy of a new treatment) takes about 20 years before being included in the guidelines of the Administrative Agencies of the different world countries. This means that the therapies offered by Dr. Pallanti are about 20 years ahead of the treatments typically available in public facilities.

We understand that each individual responds uniquely to any drug or therapy. While the Public Health System keeps following standardized guidelines and treatments characterized by a lack of personalization, Dr. Pallanti adopts an individualized approach that goes beyond the guidelines. The Istituto di Neuroscienze offers its patients complex and highly specialized care, some of which cannot be found in other facilities throughout our whole country.

Medicine is continuing to make massive advances, constantly discovering new therapies for diseases previously thought to be "incurable." Although it is not always possible to guarantee an improvement or recovery for everyone, Dr. Pallanti has been striving for more than 30 years to try to offer to each of his patients the opportunity to access all therapeutic resources scientifically documented as effective.

Diagnosis and treatment pathway


The path leading to a diagnosis begins with the first visit with Dr. Stefano Pallanti, which involves a detailed clinical interview associated with 1st level psychodiagnostic assessments: check-lists, rating scales, and neuropsychological tests.

At the end of the first visit, further 2nd and 3rd level examinations may be recommended, such as more specific neuropsychological tests for in-depth assessment of cognitive function, blood and instrumental tests (e.g., ECG, EEG, CT scan or MRI), genetic and metabolic tests or the study of psychophysiological features. All this is done in order to achieve a Precision Diagnosis that can provide useful indications for highly personalized treatment.

Diagnostic reports and assessment results are provided only upon completion of the whole assessment process, during a dedicated meeting where the results are fully explained. It is essential to communicate in advance the expected use of the evaluations (e.g., clinical, insurance, forensic, or for certifications) at the time of the appointment reservation.


Once the diagnostic process is completed, an individualized treatment plan will be proposed. This care pathway is articulated differently for each individual depending on his or her specific needs and could include:

  1. Pharmacological Therapies;

  2. Neuromodulation therapies;

  3. Psychotherapy.

These interventions can often be combined according to individual needs. The onset of therapeutic effects varies from person to person: some patients experience significant improvements within just a few weeks, others may take several months.

Support activities for patients and families

The Istituto di Neuroscienze is dedicated to provide support activities for patients and families right from the day of the first visit. These activities include:

  • Psychotherapy;

  • Rehabilitation and skill enhancement program;

  • Cognitive training for patients with memory disorders, trauma and neglect;

  • Skills Training;

  • Metabolic control for patients treated with specific medications;

  • Nutritional education;

  • Parent training;

  • Family education.

Remote visits and psychotherapy

The Istituto di Neuroscienze recognizes the growing need for remote visits and psychotherapy, both for patients from distant locations from our Day-Center and for those who require a virtual treatment approach in order to avoid interrupting their daily activities (e.g., school attendance).

In selected cases, the Istituto di Neuroscienze also provides the opportunity to schedule initial visits with Dr. Stefano Pallanti remotely via Skype in order to ensure full access to our services for anyone who needs them.

The services of the Istituto di Neuroscienze

Remote visits via Skype

Dr. Stefano Pallanti is a pioneer in telemedicine, recognizing the potential of this remote visiting modality since 2008. Since then, more than 1,500 patients from all over Italy and Abroad have been using the service to make remote visits via Skype with Dr. Pallanti and his collaborators of the Istituto di Neuroscienze, to benefit from our experience regardless of their geographical location!

Choose specialized visits via Skype with Dr. Pallanti and start your healing journey, wherever you are!