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Our services in other locations

Neuroscience Points

Some of the activities of the Istituto di Neuroscienze are provided at other locations that serve as real Neuroscience Points.

Find out where you can benefit from our specialized prevention, diagnosis and treatment services!


Villa Baruzziana

The Istituto di Neuroscienze opened its first Neuroscience Point at Villa Baruzziana in Bologna in January 2020.

Here, Dr. Pallanti and his team provide services related to Neuromodulation Therapies, including several Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment plans: rTMS, Deep TMS, and Theta-Burst TMS.


Contacts: neurologia@villabaruzziana.it+39 051 338411

Via dell'Osservanza, 19 - 40136, Bologna (Italy)


Istituto Fanfani

The Istituto di Neuroscienze opened its new Neuroscience Point at the Fanfani Institute in April 2024.

The main intervention fields of the "Fanfani Neuroscience" Treatment Plan are: "Interventional Psychiatry" for patients with psychiatric disorders, cognitive disorders, addictions, eating disorders, and reproductive psychiatry "Neuroscience for Sport and Health" to improve sports performance and general wellbeing.


Contacts: info@istitutodineuroscienze.it+39 055587889

Piazza Indipendenza, 18A – 50129, Firenze (Italy)


Istituti Clinici Zucchi

The Istituto di Neuroscienze opened its Neuroscience Point at the Istituti Clinici Zucchi Wellness Clinic located in Monza in October 2022. Dr. Stefano Pallanti is Director and Coordinator of the Neuroscience Center for Health (Centro di Neuroscienze per la Salute).

The main intervention fields of the offered Treatment Plan are: Substance Addictions Behavioral Addictions. In addition, part of the Center is dedicated to the Neuroscience for Sports program, developed to offer improved performance and safety in athletic practice for all athletes.


Contacts: info@istitutodineuroscienze.it+39 0398383800

Via Appiani, 17 – 20900, Monza (Italy)


Villa Donatello

In the Florentine Neuroscience Point located at the multifunctional clinical center "Villa Donatello", Dr. Pallanti provides services related to Pharmacological Therapies and IV Therapy (Intravenous Therapy), including of Ketamine infusion.

The main fields of intervention of the "Donatello Neuroscience" Treatment Program are: NeuroCOVID Outpatient Clinic ― Depression Cognitive Disorders.


Contacts: info@istitutodineuroscienze.it+39 055587889

Viale Matteotti, 4 – 50132, Florence (Italy)

This page is being periodically updated as new Neuroscience Points are added or as new services are activated at the locations already listed.

Cultural Network

Clinical Neurosciences ONLUS is a non-profit organization registered since 2003 headquartered at 12 Via Dè Fossi (Florence), Tax Code 94111500487, and affiliated with the Istituto di Neuroscienze of Dr. Stefano Pallanti, its legal representative. Clinical Neurosciences ONLUS is a non-political association with the primary goal of promoting education as a tool for the prevention of neuro-psychiatric disorders, teaching, clinical and experimental research (including pharmacological trials, observational studies, psychometric studies, and other clinical studies), training, and international educational collaborations in the field of clinical neuroscience.

The Association established the Cultural Network for the purpose of improving patient access to third-level and cutting-edge treatments (such as Neuromodulation Therapies), spreading the culture of a neuroscience-based clinical approach, and promoting education and research in this field. The Cultural Network was created on a not-for-profit basis, and its activities include organizing annual training courses and developing clinical research to which Network members contribute ongoing efforts.

Members of the Cultural Network

Members of the Cultural Network

Dr. Enrico Tedeschini

Dr. Enrico Tedeschini is a Medical Doctor specialized in Psychiatry and Ph.D. in "Human Psychobiology." He studied at the Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, where he earned a Non-Clinical Research Fellowship on "Resistant Depression."

Dr. Enrico Tedeschini is a member of the Cultural Network created by Clinical Neurosciences ONLUS.

He also collaborates with Paola Fanti, a Psychotherapist specialized in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy and EMDR Practitioner.

Dr. Tedeschini's Curriculum Vitae